Code of Ethics

  • The MODE Company Agrees To Abide By This Code Of Ethics As A Condition Of All Customer Contracts.
  • The MODE Company Will Always Exercise Integrity, Honesty And Diligence In Carrying Out Our Professional Duties And Responsibilities. 
  • The MODE Company Will Safeguard The Interests Of Our Customers, And Shall Not Knowingly Be A Party To Any Illegal Or Unethical Activity. 
  • The MODE Company Will Enter Into No Agreement Nor Undertake Any Activity Which May Be In Conflict Or Give The Appearance Of Conflict With The Legitimate Interest Of A Customer, Or That Would Prejudice Our Capacity To Perform Their Professional Duties. 
  • The MODE Company Will Protect Any Confidential Information Obtained In The Performance Of Our Duties, And Shall Not Use Such Information For Personal Gain Nor In A Manner That Would Be Detrimental To Our Customer Or Any Other Party.
  • The MODE Company Will Continually Ensure The Level Of Knowledge, Skills And Technical Competencies Required To Perform Our Professional Duties.
  • The MODE Company Will Be Mindful At All Times Of Our Responsibilities As Professionals And Refrain From Conduct Or Action Which Would Detract From Our Reputation and/or The Reputations Of Our  Customers, Partners, and Affiliates.


Confidentiality Statement

The MODE Company Values The Trust You Place In Us And Are Committed To Maintaining The Accuracy, Confidentiality And Security Of All Your Information.

The MODE Company Will Not Disclose Confidential Personal Information Outside Of Its' Organization Unless Any Of The Following Applies:

  • The Client Consents To The Disclosure.
  • The Information Is Used To Help Complete A Transaction That The Client Authorized.  
  • It Is Unlawful For The Information To Be Withheld.

Any Personal Information Provided To The MODE Company Is Never Shared With Any Outside Party Without The Consent Of The Client.

Contacting The MODE Company Or One Of Its Representatives For Any Reason (Via Face To Face Contact, Phone, Fax, Web Links, Email, Direct Email, Etc) Is Tantamount To Giving Said Party Permission To Respond To Your Inquiry.

The MODE Company Requires Confidential Information To Be Safeguarded At All Times, And To Be Used Only For Legitimate Business Purposes.

The MODE Company Makes Every Endeavor To To Ensure That This Website And Our Office Environment Are Secure. However, Users Should Be Aware That The World Wide Web Is An Insecure Public Network That Gives Rise To A Potential Risk Where A User's Transactions May Be Viewed, Intercepted Or Modified By Third Parties Or That Files Which The User Downloads May Contain Computer Viruses Or Other Defects. Any Computer Connected To The World Wide Web Carries With It Risk Of Infection By Malicious Code, And/Or Unauthorized Access By Hackers.

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